[PICT] Teaser – SHINee Repackage Album “Married To The Music”

1438153229755[1]     1438153231970[1]

1438250071860[1]     1438250074968[1]     1438250077394[1]

1438250079272[1]     1438250081003[1]

SHINee Official Line Updates:

On August 3rd 00.00AM (KST), SHINee is releasing the repackage album “Married to The Music”! this album will contai 11 tracks from “Odd” album and 4 new tracks including the lead track is “Married to the Music”!

CLECfSyUEAAu3qw.jpg large


Ini syani apa-apaan ampunnn.

Their concept make me remember to Why So Serious era. But, honestly i want to cry when i try to remember it. I’ll remember about Jonghyun’s accident in the past. 😥 But i can’t wait for this comeback! I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic comeback! So shawol, let’s work hard for uri SHINee! Fighting!


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